IDI in Digital Humanities at Western Speakers Series

Speakers Series PosterWord on a terrific and exciting new lecture series from Western’s IDI in Digital Humanities! Many thanks to Élika Ortega for passing this on!

The University of Western Ontario and the IDI in Digital Humanities are proud to announce the upcoming Digital Humanities Speaker Series. These lectures will introduce new students & faculty to the use of digital tools for teaching and research. At the same time, they will challenge those already involved with DH to think about topics such as interdisciplinarity, information seeking and the future of humanities research. Please join us to learn about any (or all!) of the following:

Lee Skallerup Bessette
Morehead State University
“Intimacy, Community, and Collectivity: Interdisciplinarity and Digital Humanities”
October 11th
Lawson Hall, Room 2270C, 3:00pm

Stephann Makri
University College London
“Coming Across Information Serendipitously: An Empirical Study”
October 25th
Lawson Hall, Room 2270C, 3:00pm

Brian Greenspan
Carleton University
“The Digital Humanities and Other Utopias”
November 15th
Lawson Hall, Room 1127, 3:00pm

Christine McWebb
University of Waterloo, Stratford Campus
“Developing New Approaches to Teaching and Research: The Example of the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus for Digital Media”
November 22nd
Lawson Hall, Room 2270C, 3:00pm

John Fink
McMaster University
“Getting to Day 1: The Turbulent Pre-History of a Digital Humanities Centre”
November 29th
Lawson Hall, Room 2270C, 3:00pm


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