“Preliminary Analysis of the Preliminaries Project”: More on the Preliminaries Project from David Brown

CulturePlex Laboratory at Western University

A new blog posting by David Brown of the CulturePlex Lab explores the Preliminaries Project in more detail, with a particular focus upon analyzing the project graph:

Currently the first editions list (Duque de Lerma, 1598-1618) constists of 330 editions, out of which I have been able to obtain 228 scanned copies of preliminary sections, approximately %70, which isn’t bad considering that these texts were published 400 years ago. Of these scans, around 120 have been entered into the database, producing a graph with 1612 nodes and 3472 relationships.

In a post that includes a number of visualizations of the database using Gephi, Brown goes on to detail the methods by which he used Python to produce “to mimic the filtering abilities of Gephi and create a way to isolate and compare subsets of the graph in order to generate these Publication Networks.”

David Brown’s blog post, with visualizations and Python code snippets, can be found here.


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