Bring Your Own Topic – Taking DH off campus

There are a number of ways to get involved in the Digital Humanities at Western this year: you could attend one of the talks in the DH speaker series, you could visit Cultureplex to learn more about the tools they are developing, or you could bring your own topic and meet up with us for a chat at unLab on Wednesday, October 24th.

That’s right, we’re taking DH off campus for one night a month, and we’d like you to join us for our first meeting. In keeping with the DH tradition of having open-minded get-togethers, we’re going to leave the agenda up to the attendees, THATCamp style. It won’t be an unconference as such (though we can still shake the bourgeoisie up a bit), but just an evening of getting into each others’ heads. All we ask is that you bring an idea that you’d like to talk about, whether its a question about DH in general, thoughts about getting a project going, problems you are  having with research, or something you would like to build/create/play with. The idea is just to meet each other in a less formal atmosphere, explore our interests in DH, and let contemplation and collaboration ensue.

The unLab is London’s hackerspace, and is located here. The space has been provided for us from 7 pm onwards, and has plenty of fun things to explore. If you have further questions, either reply to this post or email me at See you soon!


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