Public Lecture: Francis Donoghue on MOOCs — 11 April, 2013

Professor Frank Donoghue (author of The Last Professors: The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities) will deliver a public lecture:

"And the MOOC Shall Inherit the Earth."

“And the MOOC Shall Inherit the Earth: Predicting the Future of Massive Online Higher Education.”
Thursday 11 April 2013
Conron Hall, University College 224
Western University
London, Ontario

With thanks to the Visiting Speakers Fund in the Department of English and Writing Studies; the Dean’s Office, FAH; the Rogers Chair of Studies in Journalism and New Information Technology; the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures; the Dean’s Office, FIMS; and the Dean’s Office, FSS.

With thanks, also, to Donna Pennee.